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the authentic depiction of Bram Stoker’s universe

The Classic Dracula Universe

Demonic, towering Castles, dark foggy London Streets, a Blood thirsty vampire and heroic hunters determined to end his damned crusade.

The SteamPunk Dracula Universe

In an alternative Victorian world, rumors of war rage and the undead rise once again. 30 years after the death of Dracula, intrepid explorer and inventor Bram Stoker assembles a team to travel across Europe to stop the resurrection of the Dark Lord by his niece Countess Carmilla.


Big news for us, exciting developments for fans of Stoker, Stoker McAuley and the Stoker Verse ……. watch on to discover the news ….. you virtually wont believe it’s real

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A little amuse as we browse through the man himself on screen

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Best Wishes From the Stunning Claudia Christian – who is one of our Voice Actors from a forthcoming drama………

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Dev Blog

Set in the universe of Dracula and other terrors synonymous with the famous name, the StokerVerse promises to give fans a large slice of gothic horror with a modern twist; it is a place where not even the heroes know exactly what is lurking out there in the dark.

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The Virgin’s Embrace has just been sent to the printers! It will be winging its way to a store near you soon.

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Tonight is Walpurgis Night, a time of bonfires and when the creatures of the night revel with the devil. An important point of note, for Bram Stoker fans is that this night was the backdrop for Goethe’s famous play – Faust.

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The latest press


Horror Talk Radio - Bram Stoker, Dracula, Masonic Magic, and Comics

Weegamers Andy tackles the Stokerverse team in an open interview on the cusp of The Virgins Embrace Graphic Novel launch with AndrewsUK

Check out Co-Writers and creators of the Stokerverse Chris McAuley and Dacre Stoker, along with artist Jessica Martin, as they discuss the new line of comics telling stories within the StokerVerse being published by Andrews Comics this year.

The Virgins Embrace - A StokerVerse Novel - Official Trailer 2021