Steampunk Dracula

In an alternative Victorian world, rumors of war rage and the undead rise once again. 30 years after the death of Dracula, intrepid explorer and inventor Bram Stoker assembles a team to travel across Europe to stop the resurrection of the Dark Lord by his niece Countess Carmilla.

Vampire Protection Alliance

Bram Stoker

A legendary inventor who is the leader of the VPA. He has genius level intellect
Crafts powerful anti-vampire weapons and vehicles

Abraham Van Helsing

An occult scholar who has intimate knowledge of the undead. A scarred war veteran who delivered the final blow to Dracula 30 years ago

Dr. Tate Matthews

An accomplished cryptographer on loan from the British Secret Service

Herman Muller

A senior diplomat and commissar who has been sent to investigate the rumors by the Kasier

The Reverend Rory O’ Sullivan

A priest in the Holy Catholic Church and a member of a secret society

Demonic Legion

Countess Carmilla Bathory

The niece of the Dark Lord of the undead – Dracula. She has seized control of the Vampire court and its forces. She is seeking to resurrect her uncle by starting a war on a global scale.