Futuristic Dracula Range

Step forward into the future, 2000 years into the future to be exact. Interdimensional Vampire Lords seeks to control our Galaxy under the dominion of Dracula. The United Planetary Alliance Space Marines fight to stop the spread of the Vampiric infection through the known universe.

UPA Marines

The Colonel

An ass kicking, cigar chomping mean son of a gun
He keeps the Marines under his command steady under fire


A troubled sharpshooter whose sister was recently executed for treason
He has doubts about the United Planetary Alliance but follows orders.


A religious berserker and a zealot of the church of the resurrected goat.
Is driven with a hatred for mutants, aliens and vampire scum.
She favors engaging in melee combat with a chainsword.


A tech specialist who has a unique connection with machines.
A hacker who uses his skills effectively against the enemy


A shadow operative and untrusted by her team mates
She favors stealth and sets elaborate traps against her enemie

The Vampiric Lords


A seductive manipulator from one the seven spheres of Hell
She seems like the woman from every erotic dream you’ve ever had.
She controls the serpentine demonic forces that slither and infiltrate


A hulking brute from the seventh level of Hell
He carries the twin swords of Despair and Pestilence
His soldiers are twisted wrecks of humanity and melee specialists


A devious scientific genius from the principal level of Hell
He serves Dracula directly and is the leader of the Lords
His mouth is a permanently open maw of fangs.
Stinking yellow puss permanently oozes from his pores
His Soldiers are zombie like, numerous and insane