Classic Dracula Universe

Demonic, towering Castles, dark foggy London Streets, a Blood thirsty vampire and heroic hunters determined to end his damned crusade.


An ancient vampiric evil who has allies in the darkest recesses of Hell. He now stalks the world stage, seeking power and prey.  Shifting from the forms of beast to that of man. 
He is the Dragon reborn, the Devil incarnate. He is Dracula.

Mina Harker

Jonathan’s wife and touched by the vampiric curse. Linked forever to Dracula by blood and spirit She must struggle against her new, darker nature.

Abraham Van Helsing

An occult and medical scholar whose life was destroyed by Dracula
A hunter of the undead and a member of a secret society dedicated to the protection of mankind. Haunted by guilt and driven by a rage against Dracula and his kind.

The Brides

Vampire companions of Dracula. Dangerous seducers and one-time goddesses. The true children of the serpent.

Lucy Westenra

Once a lovely young socialite now a member of the undead. She still seeks unholy union with her betrothed Arthur Holmwood.

Jonathan Harker

The one man who survived Castle Dracula. He is armed with valuable knowledge which the Vampire Hunters can use to finally destroy Dracula. Will his mind withstand the challenge however?

Quincy Morris

A frontiersman who is an expert marksman and military combat specialist. Brash and brave, he utilizes his heart more than his head.

Dr John Seward

A brilliant psychiatrist who is the chief administrator of an asylum. Student of Van Helsing and a trainee in the ways of the Vampire Slayer

Arthur Holmwood

An English nobleman who was betrothed to Lucy. He is determined to avenge her death and seeks every opportunity to destroy Dracula.