April 8

Classic Dracula trivia on Walpurgis night


Here is a bit of Classic Dracula trivia on Walpurgis night. Bram Stoker was very aware of the heighten interest in spiritualism and the supernatural in the late 1800’s. He included references to Walpurgis “Nacht” (night) April 30, in his Dracula Typescript before it was edited out. 17 of these edited pages ended up being published 2 years after Bram’s death by his widow Florence in the form of Dracula’s Guest.

The Dracula typescript contains 3 very specific references to things that happened in Dracula’s Guest, one of them mentioning Walpurgis Night, each of these were crossed out. Here is an excerpt from Dracula’s Guest: “Walpurgis Night was when, according to the belief of millions of people, the devil was abroad – when the graves were opened and the dead came forth and walked. When all evil things of earth and air and water held revel. This very place the driver had specially shunned. This was the depopulated village of centuries ago. This was where the suicide lay; and this was the place where I was alone – unmanned, shivering with cold in a shroud of snow with a wild storm gathering again upon me! It took all my philosophy, all the religion I had been taught, all my courage, not to collapse in a paroxysm of fright”.

Take care tonight Dracula fans, for “their are nightmares for those who sleep unwisely”.


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