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Bram Stoker Biography
By Dacre Stoker, great grand nephew of Bram Stoker.
© D Stoker July 2020

Born Abraham Stoker, Jr. the third of seven children, during a potato famine on 8 November 1847 to Abraham and Charlotte Stoker in Clontarf, Ireland a suburb of Dublin. Ireland was not well, and neither was young Bram, in fact he was not expected to live. He wrote that he was a sickly child, but gave no detail of his own symptoms. Significantly, his illness has never been defined, and if Bram had not made note of it, his illness may have gone unrecorded, which would have dramatically changed modern interpretations of Dracula.

Bram did recover to become  the Athletic Champion of Trinity College staring on the rugby pitch, in long distance race walking, on the rowing team, and in gymnastics. He was also the head of the Philosophical and Historical Societies, in modern day he would have been known as the big man on campus.

Abraham Stoker (1845 - 1912) the Irish writer who partnered Henry Irving in running the Lyceum Theatre in London from 1878 - 1905. He wrote the classic horror story 'Dracula' in 1897. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

In response to the continuing worldwide fascination with Bram Stoker and his most iconic creation, Count Dracula, the descendants of Bram Stoker have taken an active role in ensuring their famous ancestor’s intellectual property rights are preserved and protected. Their mission includes ensuring the availability of historically accurate information about Bram Stoker and his life, collaboration with individuals and entities of like purpose, and placing a suitable statue of him in Dublin, the city of his birth.

The success of Dracula has overshadowed Bram Stoker’s other accomplishments; not only was he a successful author, in his lifetime this Victorian gentleman was well known as manager of the Lyceum Theater in London, personal secretary and dutiful friend to Sir Henry Irving, the most famous actor of Victorian England. In addition to his close-knit, and internationally accomplished family members, Bram Stoker enjoyed life-long friendships with the most fascinating characters in literary, political, and artistic circles of his day such as the Wilde family, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, and Prime Minister Gladstone.

In the almost ten years that his family has been actively engaged with Dracula fans, scholars, and historians worldwide, their unique perspective on the Stoker legacy has been enthusiastically welcomed. With records in the possession of the Dobbs, MacCaw, and Stoker families and recollections by Bram Stoker’s closest living relatives, the creator of the most famous vampire of all times has been revealed as a charming, “red-bearded Irishman”- a great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather, and now great-great-great-grandfather to a little girl named Mina.

The Bram Stoker LLC, based in the U.S., and representing the direct descendants of Bram Stoker in the U.K., has consolidated the international rights and trademarks of the Bram Stoker Estate. Dacre and Jenne Stoker manage the Bram Stoker LLC, and head up the Bram Stoker Estate’s interests in North and South America with Robin MacCaw, great-grandson of Bram Stoker, handling interests in the Europe and Far East.

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