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Featuring work from the fantastic artist Jessica Martin who has completed an all-new visual interpretation to greet modern audiences. Including art by Robert Marzullo with cover artwork drawn by Esther Cardella.

An exciting original story by Bram Stoker that you just don't want to miss.

An exciting original story from Bram Stoker

The Virgin’s embrace is the first of a series of graphic novels which will explore Bram Stoker’s classic literature in a new light. This first story is based on the 1893 short horror story, ‘The Squaw’. In this reinterpretation, Dacre Stoker and Chris McAuley have ensured that the depiction of the Native American population of the time have been accurately portrayed.

The story follows how an American tourist meets with Bram Stoker and Florence Stoker on their honeymoon in Nuremberg. A darkness falls on them, the stalking specter of death follows the trio through the streets of the German city.

Like many of Bram Stoker’s short stories which are known for their brooding and dark atmosphere, this retelling features sequences which contain deep insight into each of the characters. Jessica Martin’s sublime artwork captures the detail of the city at the time as well as the grotesque nature of the events which unfold.

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Eddie Coulter

The Virgin's Embrace is a new graphic novel that adapts the 1893 Bram Stoker short story, The Squaw. It's a great creepy story of revenge that fills right at home within the pages of an issue from EC comics or as an episode of Shudder's Creepshow series. Within you'll find the original text along with the new adaptation scripted by Dacre Stoker (Bram's great-grand-nephew) and Chris McAuley with art by Jessica Martin. Also provided are biographies on Bram and his wife Florence, an excellent foreword from Dacre on possible influences on Bram when crafting this tale, afterword from Chris McAuley about adapting the story, and an article from Jessica Martin on what went into doing the art.

This is a great first launch of the StokerVerse from Stoker/McAuley Productions and I'm looking forward to what they bring us next!

Charles R Rutledge

The Virgin’s Embrace is a new graphic novel adaptation of Bram Stoker’s 1893 short story, The Squaw. If you’ve read the original (and the full text is included with the book if you haven’t) you know it’s a creepy little story of reaping what you sow. It’s the sort of thing the old EC Comics Horror Hosts would have enjoyed, and in fact, was adapted once before to comics form in Warren’s CREEPY Magazine.

This new adaptation, however, has something the other didn’t, the participation of Bram Stoker’s great-grand-nephew, Dacre Stoker, and that adds considerable depth to the proceedings. In his foreword Dacre provides background information of Bram’s possible influences for the story as well as furnishing a lot of historical and biographical depth.

The script is provided by Dacre and Chris McAuley, and the art is by Jessica Martin. Jessica’s work reminds me of Eddie Campbell’s art in Alan Moore’s From Hell and manages to capture the feel of the Victorian era very well. This is a terrific graphic novel, and Bram’s story still packs considerable punch all these years later.